Rosin Press Accessories

Customize your setup and create unrivaled solventless concentrates with the full range of rosin press accessories. Our Platinum Stitch Hash Rosin Pouches are made to fit our rosin presses perfectly and come in two micron-rated sizes, 25 micron and 160 micron, for pressing hash or sift and flower. Our Bulletproof Stitchless Hash Rosin Pouches are welded rather than stitched. They are ideal for providing structural support when pressing hash. The LT3 Heat and Pressure Controller attaches to our rosin presses for precise endpoint detection, pressure mapping, and data logging. This is the ideal accessory to help you create consistent heat and pressure “recipes” for specific strains. Our extra-thick parchment paper is perfect for rosin collection. Our pre-press makes for easier, neater pressing. Our selection of rosin accessories is designed to give you success with pressing right from day one. Discover the difference that precision and high-quality accessories make for producing connoisseur-grade solventless extracts time after time.