Lowtemp FAQs
Q: What is Lowtemp?
A: When we started our company in 2015, the entire industry was simply using hair straighteners, t shirt presses, etc to extract their rosin. The average temperature of these extractions was HIGH! If you remember these days, rosin had a bad rap for "burnt popcorn smell" because of these high (and unreliable) temperature, low-pressure systems. We pioneered the high-pressure, low-temperature extraction equipment manufacturing, hence the name: Lowtemp Industries! 
Q: Where is Lowtemp manufactured?
A: We are based out of Denver, Colorado with a heavy manufacturing hub out of Wichita, Kansas. All of our equipment is proudly manufactured right here in the USA! However we have shipped our systems to over 21 different countries all over the world, where they are processing everything from greenhouses in Norcal, closet grows in Europe, to fields in Jamaica! 
Q: Why is everyone switching to Rosin?
A: Consumers and patients are switching to rosin due to its lack of solvents required and its flavor! Rosin is a simple process that makes extracts simple, safe, and relatable. Producers are switching to rosin because of it's lower overhead, higher ROI, and safety concerns. No more bomb-proofing rooms, $100k+ closed loop systems, and continuous cost of solvents just to create a top shelf extract!
Q: Can you make CBD Rosin with Hemp? 
A: Absolutely! We have a lot of customers creating solventless CBD products with our equipment. We have videos and tutorials coming on this process soon and will link it here.
Q: Why aluminum platens?
A: We manufacture our pressing platens out of American Certified Aircraft Grade 6061 aluminum for a list of reasons!
- Aluminum's heat distribution is unmatched
- 6061 is tremendously strong, preventing the plates from ever bending or warping
- Aluminum can be anodized, sealing and protecting it for lifetimes to come 
Q: What does rosin yield?
A: It depends on what you're pressing!
- With high end, properly grown/dried flower rosin, usually it's safe to say anywhere from 15-25% yield return.
- On whole plant fresh frozen, typical yields to rosin are between 2-5% of your starting weight. 
- Kief, sift, and bubble hash has a large yield window. Not all kiefs and sifts are equal in resin purity. The less plant material contaminating the matter, the higher the yield. These range between 60-90% returns! 
Q: How much can you press on these?
A: The 3x5 can press up to 40g of flower and 60g of hash, and the 4x7 can press up to 60g of flower and 150g of hash. These numbers are based on using a pre press and our proprietary 250u bags.
Q: Is there any downside to pressing smaller amounts on the 4x7 versus 3x5? 
A: Nope! You can press as little as you'd like on the 4x7. The only downside is the extra cost and slightly larger overall size of the 4x7. 
Q: Why all the pressure?
A: With there only being two mechanics in rosin: Heat and Pressure, it's important to have a fine balance. Too much heat, and you'll lose the volatile terpenes and essence of a plant. Too little heat, and you'll leave yield behind. Proper pressure allows for a full extraction at just the right temperature without losing yield.