Freeze Dryers

Dry bubble hash patties in a fraction of the time with our pharmaceutical-grade freeze dryers. Freeze dryers remove the moisture from your product quickly and effectively, leaving it ready to be jarred and stored as soon as the cycle is finished. Freeze drying removes the moisture 10 times faster than air drying, preserves the terpenes for a more flavorful experience, and retains the color for greater bag appeal. Because it removes the moisture so quickly, freeze drying also reduces the risk of mold and bacterial growth. In our top-of-the-line range, you can choose from three freeze dryers—small, medium, and large—to suit the size and scale of your operation. As an optional upgrade, consider adding an oilless Harvest Right freeze dryer pump, which doesn't require oil changes or regular user maintenance. All of our Freeze Dryers in our inventory are additionally QC-ed by the Lowtemp Crew, giving the peace of mind knowing you're receiving a functioning unit! We promise you’ll never look back.