Virtual Reality - Lowtemp HQ Demo Lab

Isn't Technology awesome!? We blended our Hash Technology with Virtual Reality Technology to allow you to walk around our demo lab at our HQ in Denver, Colorado - from anywhere in the world. This feature can be accessed via a VR headset, phone, computer, whatever device you have.  

This space features a 1,100 sqft room with 2 Osprey, A Nest, 3 compartment sink, 4.5 tons of cooling power, Freeze Dryers, Chilled RO Skid, Ice Machine, and many many more amenities to make a fully functional high end modern lab. All of these items can be interacted with, and most have links to the equipment we use in our facilities and our client's facilities. 

As always, if you have any questions on how we can help your operation make more hash, cheaper, and cleaner, reach out to our team! 


- The Lowtemp Crew