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No Scratch Work Bag

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Whether hand washing, using a plastic washing machine, or using the Lowtemp Osprey, it's crucial to avoid metal zippers on work bags. These carbon steel metal zippers often have a zinc coating that flakes off into your material, and they can also scratch your expensive stainless steel vessels (impregnating carbon steel into the scratch, which can even start to rust or oxidize your ss vessel). 

The Osprey Work Bag fixes this issue by only utilizing 100% food grade Nylon throughout the zipper material, zipper handle, and 220u filter. Safe to use with The Osprey, any stainless steel vessel or machine, plastic washing machine, and even a great solution for normal hand washers looking to avoid carbon steel in their wash!

Product Details:

  • 220u filter
  • 10"x10"x10"
  • Durable double stitching along seams
  • Velcro to secure zipper handle in place
  • Safe for use inside plastic or stainless steel washing machines
  • Can fit up to ~2,000g Fresh Frozen or ~400g Dry Material
  • Use up to 4 inside an Osprey for optimum results
  • Free Shipping in the USA

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