4in x 7in Lowtemp Cage Kit Anodized
4in x 7in Lowtemp Cage Kit Anodized
4in x 7in Lowtemp Cage Kit Anodized
4in x 7in Lowtemp Cage Kit Anodized

4in x 7in Lowtemp Cage Kit Anodized

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The Lowtemp Cage Kit is an evolution/upgrade to the OG Lowtemp plate kits. Designed and manufactured out of Denver, Colorado with certified American alloys guarantee a quality of product to last an entire lifetime. Chinese knockoffs use alloys that vary in composition which can lead to bending/warping.

Benefits include, but are not limited to:

- Plates on a spring guided track to prevent any misalignment.

- No risk in failure or wiggle of mounting on the top plate with prolonged usage.

- Increased heat management. Less contact with the ram of the press helps control heat transfer. This can be an important feature in presses where the ram is actually a part of the hydraulics. 


  • Made in USA with Lifetime Warranty on Cage, and 1 year warranty on electronics. 
  • Universally compatible with all shop presses. Plug and play in less than 5 minutes. Questioning which press to go with? Click here to learn the differences.
  • 11lbs
  • 10"L x 4"W x 4.5"H
  • Max 4 amp draw at 110v
  • Available in 230v for international customers as well! We will automatically ship you a 230v if your country requires it.
  • Manufactured out of Billet Aircraft Grade 6061-T6 American Certified Aluminum
  • Precision manufactured rods/bearings/springs to ensure smooth travel

This product includes:

  • 4"x7" Lowtemp Cage. Our Cage will always be sold with pressing plates installed unless otherwise instructed. 
  • Digital controller with installed heating elements. Our heat sensors drill directly into the plate, giving you an EXACT platen temperature. We won't waste your time with weak enail coils and candy thermometers like our competitors!
  • All mounting hardware and accessories required for full assembly.
  • Lifetime warranty on the springs, cage, and plates. 1 year full warranty on the controller. After the one year, we will fix the controller at cost of shipping and parts. We will not charge for labor!
  • Two Fiberglass based G11 insulation plates.

Why Insulate? - We offer the option to lengthen the shoulder bolts and springs, and isolate the platens from the rest of your cage with G11 insulation. This increases efficiency of the controller, increases the life of the electronics, and speeds up heat time. It also has the added benefit of reducing the heat transfer to your hydraulic ram on your press. 

Why Anodize? - Anodizing is a food grade finish that is used to encompass the aluminum in a harder than steel finish to protect the metal. It allows for easier cleaning of the platens by sealing the pores, whilst lookin' pretty frickin sweet! 


Note: Cage Kit's do not fit on 6 Ton A Frame Presses. Total height of cage is 4.5" (5.5" with Insulated Cage Option)