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Which press is for you?

Our rosin plates mount to almost any press on the market in less than 5 minutes. We get asked often which press to go with. To be honest, there's no blanket answer. Each person's usage and situation is different. One of the advantages of a DIY plate and press combo, is that the actual press portion is much more customizable than your traditional pre-built rosin press. We've used about every press on the market pretty extensively, so we'll give you all the pro's and con's to all the most common presses out there. 




12 ton link:

20 ton link:

By far, the most popular presses among our customers. It's cheap, local, and reliable. Their warranty is fully comprehensive (always get the warranty). If the hydraulics ever give out on you, they will replace the jack no questions asked. Watch for their 20% off coupons!

The build quality isn't great, and has a slight wobble. Although, we can pull the exact same results off a Harbor Freight 20 ton vs a Dake B10. The experience is slightly better on a Dake. 

If you'd like to go pnuematic, you can easily swap the stock jack out with their air jacks. I'm not a huge fan of pnuematic over hydraulic because it's extra moving parts, loud, and generally unneccesary. I like to be able to feel the machine, how much pressure I'm applying, apply it slowly, etc.



The second most popular press amoung our customers. Zoro is typically the best source, and they have coupons most times. Better build quality than a HF press by a long shot, but a bit pricier. The gauge is a nice touch! It's about 3ft tall, so you'll need a table to put it on. This works better for some people's situation. 

This press is often rebranded by Grizzly and Baileigh, the Dake is the best choice of the 3 if prices are close.


Strongway Hydraulic Press

12 ton Link:

If you have a Northern Tool store around you, this is great step up from the Harbor Freight presses. Much better build quality and doesn't cost that much more. Currently, they are doing free shipping on this press as well if you don't have one locally.


If you have any questions on a certain press or setup, we are always happy to help!


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