Osprey User Manual

Impeller not spinning? Click here for a video tutorial

General Troubleshooting FAQs:

Q: The machine turns all the way off when trying to run the impeller.
A: This is one of two things. The first reason could be that you are attempting to run the machine on a GFCI circuit. The second reason is that the circuit you are attempting to run on doesn't have enough power. We recommend 20a dedicated for each Osprey, and you can add on equipment from there. 
In any case, if the machine is turning off when you try to run the impeller, fix your power going into the machine first. Then, when your machine is unplugged and shut off, you may open the back control panel underneath the vessel with a flat head screwdriver. Flip the breakers that are in the upper left quadrant back into the upwards red position (red means there is live power, and danger. Green means that the circuits are closed). Close it all back up, and give it another shot on a clean circuit with enough power!
Q: The machine quits spinning the impeller, but the machine stays on. Example: There is a 2 minute run time in either direction, and it runs for 20 seconds then rests for the remaining 1:40. 
A: There is likely too much ice in the machine. The Osprey operates on a certain level of fluidness to operate. We recommend a 1:5 Ice to water ratio. Most folks from hand washing will put 1 part ice and 1 part water in the machine their first time, and this creates too thick of a slurry to operate. The Osprey requires fluidity to churn top over bottom and mix thoroughly.