16in x 24in Die Cut Waterfall Collection Parchment

16in x 24in Die Cut Waterfall Collection Parchment

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Pre Cut Parchment Paper makes the process of pressing so much easier, faster, clean, and organized. All parchment here is 35lb which is extra thick, preventing tearing and leaking during pressing. It also makes for an easier collection of oils off of the parchment. It's a must have for anyone serious about their extractions. 


8"x16": Great for all sizes and styles of Rosin Presses! 

8"x8" Waterfall Inserts: These are designed to create a little pouch insert for the directional flow puck. Designed for 1-2 uses per press, we highly recommend to use these with our 16"x24" Die Cut Waterfall Collection Sheet! This system is designed for high output processing. 

16"x24" Die Cut Waterfall Collection Sheet: Designed specifically for our 4x7 V2 Lowtemp Press. This system along with the 8"x8" inserts, allows for bulk processing quickly, efficiently, and tidy. Simply put your put in the 8"x8" insert, fold it up, put it in the Collection Sheet, and press away! When your press is complete, toss the insert and puck to the side, and insert the next puck. Reuse your Waterfall Collection Sheet as many times as you'd like or until it's full of rosin. Once your pressing is done, you'll have a large slab for a single collection point saving the headache of collection and a thousand pieces of parchment all over your work area!