Harvest Right Freeze Dryers

Harvest Right Freeze Dryers takes solventless extracts to the next level. Benefits include:

  • Reduce/eliminate mold and microbial content. Bubble hash is very prone to these issues, by giving these harmful bacteria a moist breeding ground. Freeze dryers quickly and efficiently remove virtually 100% of moisture to prevent this.
  • Speed up your solventless SOP by up to 10x versus traditional air drying.
  • Maximize Terpene and original Cannabinoid retention by creating the perfect ambient environment.  

As a dealer for Harvest Right in the Canna space, we are eager to support your Freeze dryer post purchase as well!

We've built an amazing relationship with forklift operators across the United States, allowing us to leverage this relationship to offer you Free Shipping in most instances! We promise to keep the lowest price possible on all Harvest Right equipment: Guaranteed