The Osprey™ - 75 Gallon Commercial Washing Machine
The Osprey™ - 75 Gallon Commercial Washing Machine
The Osprey™ - 75 Gallon Commercial Washing Machine
The Osprey™ - 75 Gallon Commercial Washing Machine
The Osprey™ - 75 Gallon Commercial Washing Machine
The Osprey™ - 75 Gallon Commercial Washing Machine
The Osprey™ - 75 Gallon Commercial Washing Machine
The Osprey™ - 75 Gallon Commercial Washing Machine

The Osprey™ - 75 Gallon Commercial Washing Machine

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We're proud to announce the introduction of our 75 gallon commercial washing machine, the Osprey™! We've crafted this with the collaboration of hash makers for over 2 years. 

The Osprey™ is our answer to the bottleneck of commercial processing operations: Hash Washing. With a 21,000g Fresh Frozen Capacity, or 4,200g-4,600g Dry Flower, it's designed to gently, but thoroughly extract all the resin from your material.

We saw other options on the market, and too many had aggressive blades designed to chop up material like a blender, nooks and crannies for mold and bacteria growth, and cheap components. We set out to fix that at an aggressive price and impeccable reliability.

  • Food Grade Passivated 304 Stainless Steel with Sanitary Welds makes for an extremely simple, easy, and automated cleaning cycle.

    • Made in USA, as always.

    • 21,000g Fresh Frozen or 4,200g Dry Weight Capacity. 

    • 1,000g Fresh Frozen or 200g Dry Weight Minimum Capacity. 25-30 gallons minimum water input. 

    • Volumetric marking inside the tank allows for easy measurements of water and ice volumes.

    • Quick Clamp Sanitary fittings on the left and right side allow for a fresh water hookup, and recycle water hookup on the other. Both fittings can simply be plugged if the user wishes to add water in manually from the top.

    • A food grade Plexiglass lid locks into place with a seal to avoid leaking if using while full, and allowing the user to watch/tune the water agitation.

  • Easy Water Management via Quick Clamp Sanitary fittings allow for easy filling and draining of the machine.

    • Plumb your filtered water line directly through a sanitary fitting on the sidewall with a valve for a super simple and safe way to get water into the wash vessel.

    • Utilize a pump of your preference to pump water from the drain bucket back into the Osprey, or out into a drain.

    • Drain sits at a perfect level for 32 gallon buckets/wash bags, however 20 gallon buckets on casters can also be used. 

  • Full Washdown Rated PLC Smart Controller. 110v with 5a continuous draw. UL 508a Control Panel.

    • Control/Save RPM speed, Total Run Time, Run Time Each Direction, and Rest Time between switching directions on a waterproof 7” touchscreen computer controller.

    • Save parameters with Recipes.

    • 20 amp dedicated circuit required with no GFCI. 

    • An Integrated Thermocouple ensures proper temperature control.

    • For an 8hr shift, expect to use around 250lbs of ice per day. 

  • Hard Food Grade Anodized Monolithic Billet Aluminum Impeller with smooth ridges

    • Does not chop up/blend material, rather it gently but thoroughly mixes the material, washing the trichome heads off of their stalks. This imitates the hand washing, full melt results that some desire.

    • The Lightweight Monolithic Impeller also gives us a perfectly balanced impeller, which extends the life of the motor, transmission, seals, etc drastically. Hard Anodizing seals the impeller from oxidization, and creates a harder than steel coating.
  • Incorporated Floor Locks and Wheel Locks ensure safe operation during use, and simply unlock with the click of a foot for easy workability inside flex spaces.

    • A very critical part of our design when we created the Osprey, was to ensure that it would fit between conventional 3ft door frames so the entire machine doesn’t have to be disassembled just to transfer between rooms or stowaway in a closet, etc.

  • Slightly sloped floor for easy, efficient drainage of trichome filled water. The drain is positioned at a height that allows for drainage into a 32 gallon trash can with conventional 32 gallon wash bags. 

    • An optional "Nest" is available, and can be added to any order. This low profile stainless steel Recycle Reservoir sits underneath the machine, and can hold up to 85 gallons of water with a sloped floor leading to a drain. This drain can connect to a pump to move the drained/filtered water back into the main vessel for recycled usage, or to a sink, floor drain, etc for drainage/waste water.
    • Sieving columns are in development as well, and will be available as an attachment to the Nest Tank. They will be backwards compatible on all Nest Tanks. The goal with these is to eliminate the heartache of washing bubble bags, and the finesse required to collect hash off of floppy screen. Simply drain all of the wash into a column that sieves out different microns. 
  • Available in 110v power or 230v power and Insulated and Chilled Options of both power configurations. 

    • 110v power top speed - 420 RPM

    • 230v power top speed - 600 RPM

      • 230v configuration is recommended for countries and locations that utilize 230v power, along with operations requiring higher capacity. The step up in power allows more material to be run at higher speeds, great for food grade/cartridge manufacturing. 

  • 1 year Full Factory Warranty 

  • 2 year Warranty on the Electronics and Motor

  • Lifetime Warranty on the Fabrication, Metal, and Weld quality

    • An upgradable version of the vessel allows for the connection of a Chiller to allow for little to no ice usage. 230v required for Chiller.

    • Patent Pending

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    Osprey FAQ

    Why is it square?

    Great question! This concept is actually patent pending for its incredible results. A rounded square disrupts the horizontal vortex, and makes a constant vertical vortex. When you see circular devices mix, the material, ice, and water all mix as a single cohesive unit. The only time you see a true agitation is when the motor spins the opposite direction. The Osprey is different since it’s always mixing bottom over top due to the rounded square shape. 

    What power does it use?

    Through our low drag coefficient, no shear impeller, we’re able to utilize single phase 110v power! With a peak 16a draw, and a 5a continuous draw, a dedicated 20a circuit is required (our recycle pump can also be run on the same circuit as the Osprey). No GFCI's are allowed due to the power draw cycle of the VFD.

    Is it UL listed? 

    The Osprey utilizes a UL 508a panel with full wash-down capabilities. A minimum of IP 55 (see below exactly what that means) at the motor. Compliant in Canada, The Osprey comes equipped with an E-Stop button and status light indicators, fulfilling any safety department we’ve brought it to, even the most strict jurisdictions. 

    What are it’s processing capabilities?

    The Osprey is capable of up to 21,000 fresh frozen grams or 4,200 dry grams per wash. Giving the operator(s) 2 hours to complete a single wash, you can process up to 84,000 fresh frozen or 16,800 dry grams within an 8 hr period. 

    Will it fit in my lab?

    Almost certainly, even if you're working in a very small space. The Osprey was designed with portability in mind. Moving on super heavy duty 360 locking casters, with a 33” width, it goes almost anywhere with ease. Believe us- we’ve taken them into facilities first hand all over the US. We’ve even fit it inside a 8’x10’ walk in cooler with a 55 gallon RO tank and 4 operators filming, collecting, and watching. 

    Will it increase my yields?

    Due to our patented vertical and horizontal agitation methods, we leave no dead spots. Which means, you get a more thorough mixing versus hand washing or circular machines. This means each individual bud receives the same amount of agitation throughout the wash, leaving you with a more effective, efficient, and consistent wash. This can translate itself to higher yields than other forms of ice water extraction. Keep in mind you can always do a heavy “final pull” for those food grade yields.

    Can I pay with cash?

    Absolutely! However, we have to fill out form 8300 for any cash transaction over $10,000. This includes money orders, etc. Splitting it into multiple transactions DOES NOT allow us to bypass this form. A workaround for the form with a “cash” like currency is Crypto Currencies. Bitcoin, Eth, etc all work as a non cash (in the eyes of the form) “currency” to avoid the form! We completely understand the hurdles inside this industry in relation to banking, however we have laws we have to abide by in order to keep our company safe. 

    How do you clean it out if you wash naked?

    It takes about 2 minutes with a shop vac and a work platform at the side of The Osprey to remove all of the material from a completely full Osprey! You may view our full Cleaning SOP HERE!

    Can we use work bags inside The Osprey?

    Yup! The only caveat is: NO METAL! Metal zippers can scratch your Osprey, and severely damage your impeller, which is not covered by your warranty. Lowtemp has developed and carries 100% Nylon Food Grade Work bags that are compatible with The Osprey. It’s also worth noting that square is the optimal shape, preferably 12”x12”x12”, as triangular and pyramid shapes hug/conform to each other, and do not tumble optimally. Up to 4 bags, 2,500 grams in each bag. 

    Do I have to use the false bottom?

    Nope! It comes standard with any Osprey, and is only used if you’re washing naked. Even when washing naked, it’s entirely optional. The concept is to keep a large majority of the plant material above the floor of the vessel, allowing trichomes to float freely along the floor.