Best Micron for Bubble Hash

best micron for bubble hash

Micron size has a significant impact on quality when it comes to making bubble hash. Micron size refers to the size of the holes in the mesh bags used to collect the trichomes from the water after ice water extraction (IWE). Micron bags used for IWE are commonly referred to as bubble bags. One micron is equal to 1000th of a millimeter, so these holes are very small!

Intuitively, one might think that the smallest micron size would collect the best quality hash. However, this isn't the case. You will typically find the highest quality bubble hash between 90µm and 120µm as these bubble bags collect the most mature trichome heads and the fewest impurities such as plant material or stalks.

Breakdown of Micron Sizes

Filter bags for ice water hash typically come in sets of four or eight. These bags are intended to be placed in a bucket with the largest micron sizes at the top and the smallest micron sizes at the bottom. The top wash bag catches the ice and the bulk of the plant material. The trichomes fall through the large holes to the finer wash bags underneath.

At Lowtemp, we sell sets of eight 32-gallon mesh wash bags that come in the following sizes: 220µm, 190µm, 160µm, 120µm, 90µm, 73µm, 45µm, and 25µm. Our 4-bag kit comes with the following sizes: 220µm, 160µm, 90µm, and 45µm.

You can expect to collect the following materials with each of the bubble bag sizes:

  • 220µm: Ice, plant debris, and dirt
  • 190µm: Plant debris
  • 160µm: Large trichome heads of variable quality
  • 120µm: High-quality mature trichome heads
  • 90µm: High-quality mature trichome heads
  • 73µm: Medium-quality trichome heads
  • 45µm: Small and immature trichomes
  • 25µm: Very immature trichome heads and small-sized contaminants like stalks

Which Is the Best Micron for Bubble Hash?

Scooping Hash

There isn't a single "best" micron for bubble hash because everything you collect (besides the debris collected in the largest and smallest micron bags) is useful. The best hash for vaporizing will be found in the 90µm to 120µm range because trichome heads of this size have the most suitable cuticle-to-oil ratio.

While this range represents extremely high-quality material that can be vaporized directly, you can still get a very good quality result by pressing the trichomes collected in the next set of sizes (above and below the ideal range) for rosin. The trichome heads collected in the "third" set of micron bags going out from the middle range are perfect for making edibles.

The Bubble Hash Star-Rating System

Hashmakers often classify bubble hash by how completely it melts when dabbed:

  • Lazercat Melt
    1-2 stars: This grade of bubble hash typically contains high amounts of plant material and is suitable for making edibles. Hashmakers generally find 1-2 star hash in the 190µm and 45µm size bags.
  • 3-4 stars: This grade of bubble hash is referred to as "half-melt" (because it gives you moderately melted resin when dabbed) and is perfect for making rosin. Expect 3-4 star hash in your 160µm and 73µm size bags.
  • 5-6 stars: This grade of bubble hash melts almost completely when dabbed. Full-melt hash is most often found in the 90µm to 120µm range.

Additional Tips for Producing the Best Hash

Hashmaking is a journey and you will find you refine your results over time. These pointers will help you to achieve at least good results (and half-melt hash) from the get-go:

  • Select the right strains. The best strains for bubble hash are aromatic, trichome-heavy, and have large heads that snap off the stalks easily during the washing process. Perform a test wash before freezing a new crop for ice water extraction.
  • Use commercial hash washing equipment to make bubble hash at scale. It's possible to make bubble hash by hand. However, you'll need commercial hash washing equipment to produce the quantities of bubble hash required for marketing and distributing to dispensaries.
  • AutoSieve hash collection system
    Invest in quality bags or The AutoSieve. High-quality equipment—for instance, the Rosin Evolution wash bags and AutoSieve hash collection system that we sell at Lowtemp—are made from strong, food-grade materials that last for years and won't contaminate your hash. This results in cost savings over time compared to cheap bubble bags that don't last.
  • Wash your bags after each use. Extractors must clean their bubble hash bags to keep the holes clear and prevent a buildup of trichomes or residue. Wash out the bags after every wash cycle, sanitize them in Alcojet or Alconox, and hang them up to air dry completely. You can store them in a breathable tote bag once they are completely dry.
  • Freeze dry your bubble hash. Freeze drying your bubble hash results in a lighter color (for greater shelf appeal), retains more of the terpenes compared to hot air drying, and saves you days compared to air drying your bubble hash. A freeze dryer is a significant investment upfront but is well worth it for the time savings and potential increase in revenue.

Create More SKUs With Micron Bags

Understanding micron sizes is essential for hashmakers who take quality seriously. The right size bubble bags not only help you capture the highest-quality hash but also enable you to create a wider range of products.

Solventless extraction is an art and there are a lot of factors that go into making a truly exceptional product. Invest in quality hashmaking equipment and experiment with small amounts of high-quality cannabis until you find a winning formula.

Article written by

Levi Lanzrath

Levi Lanzrath is a cannabis extraction expert and founder of Lowtemp Industries.