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VP of Product Development
What this position does:
  • Design products from concept. Starting with an idea, objective, or issue, start to craft a solution. Test this solution through our resources, collect definitive data, and improve the product.
  • Product Development Management. This is a super critical part of the job. We understand that not 1 engineer has the skill or capacity to do R&D, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial design, manage suppliers of this product, and take this product to a marketable release.
  • Your duty will be to select the proper engineer (electrical, safety, specific mechanical) for the task at hand, give them the proper information and instruction, and manage them to complete the project. Ultimately, it’s your job to GC the project to a safe and excellent product on the market.
  • Industrial Design. Requires experience in CAD design, modification, and simple calculations inside these software’s. Example: Volume inside of a body, structural rigidity of an assembly, compatible material selection, etc.
  • Mechanical Engineering. Requires experience/proficiency in mechanical engineering. Foresight of fitment, future and previous iteration compatibility, etc.
  • Manufacturing oversight experience. You must be able to understand, in general, what our manufacturer's process consists of to make our products to design products accordingly.



    Warehouse Supply Chain Manager
    What this position does:
    • Designs, implements, and manages our inventory system, OrderHive.
    • Builds and maintains BOM’s, Bundles, and Products inside our inventory system.
    • Full supply chain management.
    • Analyzes inventory velocity reports, seasonality, and product availability/lead times.
    • Ensuring that products are always on the shelf.
    • Manages both international and domestic suppliers and PO’s.
    • Optimization of product supply chains. Stability of supply and pricing.
    • Managing warehouse employees, organization, cleanliness, and safety.
    • Managing office/warehouse maintenance or improvements. Managing cleaning people for office space, ensuring sprinklers are blown out before winter, managing or patching leaking roof, organizing and selecting proper HVAC/plumbers/electricians.
    • Confirming with the accounting department to ensure products have been received in full, partial, and ensuring new PO’s are paid. Managing partial/final payments with the accounting department.
    • Being handed a package from the Product Engineer Manager for a new product, training employees on assembly/fulfillment, stabilizing the supply chain and issuing initial PO’s for the new product.
    • Create and manage QC standards.
    • In “free time”, this position would also assist in the fulfillment of products in busy times.