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We've been asked daily "How do I make Rosin Vape Cartridges?" for years now! So we linked up with Infinite Melts during a day of their rosin cartridge production to show you guys how it's done!

Step 1: Fill your jar with rosin! Hash rosin will absolutely perform much better than flower rosin. We recommend to not fill the jar over the halfway mark to allow for headspace in the jar. This prevents any over flowing/boiling of oil from the jar.

Rosin Pen Material


Step 2: Pre heat your oven to 150f. Yes, you can use a vacuum oven, but it's not necessary. The more accurate your oven, the better.

Step 3: Place your sealed jar into the oven for 24-48 hours. Sometimes it can take a little bit longer, depending on how much material there is and how stable the material was to begin with. DO NOT OPEN UNTIL YOU ARE READY TO FILL YOUR CARTS! Every time you open a hot jar of hash, you're releasing volatile terpenes.

Rosin in Oven


Step 4: Pull your jar when you have a water like viscosity with very few rising bubbles. If you have more bubbles than what's shown in this video, put it back in the oven. Put your glass syringe in the oven to keep it warm.

Rosin Cartridge Consistency 


Step 5: Fill your warm glass syringe with the decarbed Rosin.

Filling Rosin Cartridges


Step 6: Flip it vertically, and slowly insert and pull the syringe in and out. This will "smash" the bubbles on the top layer of the oil.

Rosin Cartridge Filling


Step 7: Fill your cartridges! Don't worry about filling the bottom of the cartridge, we'll wick them in a moment.

Filling Rosin Carts


Step 8: Wick your cartridges! Lower the temperature in your oven to about 100f. Put the cartridges in the oven for about 5 minutes. This melts the oil down into the cartridge, and soaks the wick for enjoyable first hits. (We do not recommend putting foam in the oven, however this polystyrene is safe up to over 400f/204c).

Wicking Rosin Vape Pens


Step 9: Top off each cartridge again with your syringe. Do not overfill.

Topping Rosin Vape Pens


Step 10: Cap your cartridge and enjoy! It's really that easy.

Rosin Vape Pen Cartridge


Some additional considerations:

  • This is one method of creating Solventless cartridges. There is an additional method that involves the mechanical separations of terpene fractions and THCA isolation. This process involves a bit more technical of a process and yields a lot less for your starting material. If you’d like for us to put out a video on this process, please comment below! 
  • It's important to make sure to melt your material for long enough, or it has a high potential to crash out and crystallize. This will clog the vape, so ensuring a full decarb and liquification is important! 
  • Rosin Carts tend to be a little more delicate than distillate pens by nature. So we recommend taking care to not leave them in cold cars for long. Warm environments seem to be less of a threat to the crystallization of the pen.
  • There are many ways to fill your cartridges. Depending on the scale of your production, it could be an automated machine or varying sizes of glass syringe. They even make syringes with heating elements attached! Precise dosing syringes are helpful and convenient for regulated markets that require it.
  • If exact weights need to be dispensed, we would recommend dispensing on a scale. Or even better yet, measure weight per ml and utilize a precise dosing syringe.
  • If manufacturing for production, choose your carts wisely! This is hardware you are choosing to stand behind as a producer. Some cart manufacturers have very high failure rates, which can hurt your company’s brand reputation. Not too mention the cost associated with replacing these products for your customers.


Disclaimer: This is purely for educational purposes only. These are not instructions, and you are responsible for your own safety. Wear appropriate PPE, realize you are working with heated and sometimes pressurized glass. Lowtemp Industries is not responsible for your own actions.

For all of your solventless needs, from home growers to massive commercial operations, Lowtemp Industries manufacturers and distributes the best extraction equipment available. If we can help in anyway, please reach out!


Article written by

Levi Lanzrath

Levi Lanzrath is a cannabis extraction expert and founder of Lowtemp Industries.