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The Lowtemp Mega Cage 4

The Lowtemp Mega Cage 4"x13"

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The Mega Cage kit is something we designed for the bulk processors who were always asking for more than our 100g capable 4"x7" systems! This product is perfect for large scale grow operations. As always, this solution is sourced, machined, and fabricated in America with a Lifetime Warranty.

Introducing: The Lowtemp Mega Cage Kit


  • Long (13") and Skinny (4") so oils can escape the heat, pressure, and material as quickly as possible. Reducing any possible degradation of quality and yield.
  • 30 tons capable and universally mountable. This system will mount to virtually any press of your choice!
  • Pressure reinforcement beam. This is a ram adaptor, used to distribute the force along the entirety of the platen surface. Our lab tests show that aluminum longer than 7" sees a massive drop off in force without this reinforcement. This ram adaptor solves this issue, giving even force along the entirety of the surface.
  • Insulated Platens. The 4"x13" insulated platens reduce energy consumption, balance temperatures, and minimize external heat sinks influence.
  • Pre Press included in every kit!

What's included:

  • 4"x13" Mega Cage with insulated platens
  • Electronic Controller with two 700w heating elements 
  • Pressure Distribution Ram Adaptor
  • 3"x12" 6061 Aluminum Pre Press
  • Steel Arbor Plate for a flat surface to rest the cage on
  • All Mounting Hardware
  • Lifetime Warranty