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4x7 Lowtemp Cage Kit

4x7 Lowtemp Cage Kit

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This size platen can press up to 150g of material at a time in conjunction with a pre press.

The Lowtemp Cage is an evolution and upgrade to the bolt on Rosin Press Kits. Pressing platens are included with the cage.

Benefits include, but are not limited to:

- Plates on a spring guided track to prevent any misalignment. Plates will come down even and square each and every time.

- No risk in failure or wiggle of mounting on the top plate with prolonged usage.

- Increased heat management. Less contact with the ram of the press helps control heat transfer. This can be an important feature in presses where the ram is actually a part of the hydraulics. Also, it's very easy to throw an insulating barrier between the ram and the top plate.

This product includes:

- 4"x7" Lowtemp Cage. Our Cage will ALWAYS be sold with pressing plates installed.

- Digital controller. Our heat sensors drill directly into the plate, giving you an EXACT platen temperature. We won't waste your time with weak enails and candy thermometers!

- Lifetime warranty on the springs and cage. 1 year full warranty on the controller. After the one year, we will fix the controller at cost of shipping and parts. We will not charge for labor!

- 2 G11 Fiberglass based insulation platens.

We still pay your shipping and taxes! This unit uses the same exact controller as our 3x5 and 4x7 Lowtemp Plates, so upgrading only takes 5 mins. There is no way to retrofit our Lowtemp Plates to the Cage.

What's the difference between Single Controller and Dual Controller? With a Single Controller, both plates are heated via two 500w heating elements and one controller. They share a single heat zone. The Dual Controller allows you to monitor and adjust each plates temperature independently. We've tested both extensively and found no better yield or quality increase in the Dual Vs Single controller. We always use the Single ourselves, but offer the Dual for those who request it.