Commercial Grade Rosin Press
Lowtemp Medusa Rosin Press
Commercial Grade Rosin Press
Lowtemp Medusa Rosin Press

5 Lowtemp V2 Press Medusa System

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The Medusa system from Lowtemp Industries gives the ability to link up to FIVE 4x7 Lowtemp Presses together for a single operator! Press an easy 500g of sift or 300g of flower per squish with five linked presses. Scale anywhere from 2-5 presses as your needs require! This system keeps the small batch quality that the Lowtemp V2 system is known for, but is perfect for scaling up production to almost any level. 



Pump Options Explained

P1000 Premium Hand Pump- Available up to 3 presses. This option is great for those looking for the delicate precision our hand pumps are known for while still having massive processing power.

PA1500 Air Pump- Available up to 4 presses. The air pump option is fantastic for people looking for automation. Since the PA1500 moves a lot of oil pretty quickly, we don't recommend using it for bubble hash pressing under 2-3 presses. However, when split across multiple presses, it's actually really great for bubble hash pressing and becomes very easy to press hash with. We recommend at least a 30 gallon air compressor with 110-175 psi. Bigger is better in regards to your air compressor in this case. 

Large BVA Electric Pump- Only available with a fully equipped 5 headed Medusa. This option comes with a pendant to operate the presses, and has a decently high flow (pressure) rate. This is the highest level producing Medusa available. 

P2801 BVA High Flow Premium Hand Pump- The P2801 is an extremely high flow hand pump, which can be utilized with single press Lowtemp systems, all the way up to our 4 headed Medusa system. With 4x the travel per stroke than the previous Industry Standard P1000, this pump still maintains the precise hand control that Hasher's love, while making the workday a whole lot easier!

Number of Presses Explained

Manifolds come in 2 port, 4 port, and 5 port. Every port comes with a quick connect already attached, which makes the ability to disconnect and add more presses in the future as easy as threading a quick connect!

Please keep in mind, due to high pressure fluid dynamics, multiple presses may not close at the exact same time, however they will not start to apply any considerable amount of force until all the presses have caught up to each other. 


Individual Press Specs

The last press you buy: Period.

We designed this press with your space and portability constraints in mind. All the while, creating a system that will last you a lifetime. We kept the pressure options entirely open source so you can select the press style that works for you. For more budget friendly options, a simple $40 bottle jack can be used. If you want the best of the best, we carry High End BVA Hydraulics which come assembled, bled, and tested with pressure gauges installed. 

Our unique modular design makes any possible electronic warranty work extremely cheap to ship for fulfilment. Our competitors make you ship an entire press in for a simple electronic component failure or loose wire which can cost you hundreds in shipping fees. 

The Lowtemp V2 is the final solution to any large scale solventless lab. One operator can use up to 5 presses at once via a single pump. 


  • Sturdy and Ultra Compact design. 10" tall, 10" long, 6" wide
  • 58 lbs
  • Complete Modular design
  • Food Grade Anodized and insulated 4"x7" plates
  • Powder coated steel
  • Made in Denver, Colorado with Certified American alloys
  • Lifetime Warranty on the press 
  • 1 year full warranty on the electronics
  • Universal force options up to 20 tons

NOTE- If you are purchasing a press in a country that utilizes 230v power, we will automatically ship our 230v LT1 heat controller. This will come wired with an American style 110v grounded plug, but with a simple adapter (NOT inverter), this will work in your country.