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3"x3" Lowtemp Rosin Plate Kit

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  • Plug and play 3”x3” platen kit set up. We use 6061 aluminum because it is light, strong, and has excellent heat transfer, causing no hot spots! All you need is a press of your choice! 
  • What's the difference between Single Controller and Dual Controller? With a Single Controller, both plates are heated via two 110v 150w heating elements and one controller. They share a single heat zone. The Dual Controller allows you to monitor and adjust each plates temperature independently. We've tested both extensively and found no better yield or quality increase in the Dual Vs Single controller. We always use the Single ourselves, but offer the Dual for those who request it.
  • Fully accurate temperature monitoring from 0-300F comfortably. Our heat sensor drills directly into the plates, giving you the exact true platen temperature. 
  • Made to fit any hydraulic press up to 20 tons with a 2" diameter ram or less.
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  • Not sure of which press to go with? Give us a call! 316-308-7441
  • Mounting our plates to your press of choice is as simple as tightening two set screws (hex keys included) onto the ram. Setup takes less than 5 minutes!
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  • Reach your desired temperature in less than 10 minutes with our powerful 150w cartridge heating elements. 
  • Over 3000 units have been sold worldwide. Join the Lowtemp Rosin Revolution!!
  • This kit includes:
    • 2 American-Made CNC machined 6061 Aluminum Blocks (Made in Wichita, Ks)
    • Digital controller wired to two 150w cartridge heating elements (Assembled in Denver, Co)
    • Hex key to mount your plates to your press of choice
    • 2 sets of Industrial Strength Velcro straps to mount your controller to your press
    • One Year Full Warranty on your electronics. After the one year, we will do repairs/replacements at cost of parts and shipping. We will not charge for labor!