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4x7 Lowtemp Press V2

4x7 Lowtemp Press V2

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Press only: This option is for customers who already own a Lowtemp Plate or Cage kit, upgrading to our new Lowtemp Press with their current controller and adding their own hydraulics. All mounting accessories and hardware included. 4" taller to support bottle jack compatibility. 

Press with Controller: This option includes the Lowtemp Press with Controller. This is a full kit, which allows you to add your own bottle jack ($40). Great for high quality, portable, reliable, simple, budget builds! 4" taller to support bottle jack compatibility. 

Press with Controller and BVA Hand Pump: This solution is out of the box, plug and play. All hydraulics come assembled, bled, and tested. Includes a 20 ton low profile BVA cylinder, ultra compact 2 speed aluminum pump, pressure gauge, etc. 

Press with Controller and BVA Air pump: Requires an Air compressor. The pump is technically a foot pedal that is operated by stepping on a pedal, but can also be operated by hand pressure. 20 ton low profile cylinder, pressure gauge included 

Press with Controller and SPX Electric pump: Fully automated Electric over hydraulic system with very little noise. Great for large scale operations or anyone looking for a press to run itself at the touch of a button. 20 ton low profile cylinder, pressure gauge included. 

This listing is for the new Gen2, 4x7 Lowtemp Press. Gen2 includes: 

  • New, low profile 20 Ton BVA hydraulic cylinders
  • Manual Hydraulic option includes a Ultra-Compact 2 Speed Aluminum pump
  • Sleek and compact redesign of the entire Lowtemp Press.
  • Easily removable platens for Pre Press compatibility. 
  • Sturdy and compact design. 10" tall, 10" long, 6" wide
  • 58 lbs
  • Capable of up to 150g presses at a time
  • Modular design
  • Anodized and insulated 4x7 pressing plates
  • Powder coated steel
  • Made in America
  • Lifetime Warranty on the press 
  • 1 year full warranty on the electronics
  • Universal force options up to 20 tons
  • Horizontal pressing capabilities


We built this press with your space and portability constraints in mind. All the while, creating a press that will last you a lifetime. We offer the option to include the highest quality hydraulics kit in the world, BVA cylinder, pumps, and pressure gauges.

Or, if you are on a budget, we made it just large enough to fit a 20 ton stubby bottle jack, with the capability to bolt to the table for extra stability.

Our modular design makes any possible electronic warranty work extremely cheap to ship for fulfilment. Some of our competitors make you ship an entire press in for a simple electronic component failure or loose wire which can cost you hundreds in shipping fees. The modular design allows you to upgrade to the press from your current Lowtemp plates/cage, using the same exact controller.

What is included

  • Press
  • Top and bottom legs (used to bolt the press to the table or used to turn press horizontally) 
  • 110v Electronic controller with 2 powerful 200w heating elements
  • Mounting hardware to secure the legs 

Additional Options

  • Already own a set of our 3x5 or 4x7 plates/cage? Purchase our press without a controller to save some money, the controllers are the exact same! We will still include all hardware, legs, etc with the press.
  • If you choose to include a BVA hydraulics kit, the components will come assembled. These kits consist of a low profile 20 ton cylinder, pump of your choice, hose, all necessary couplings, and a pressure gauge.